How to clean aircraft cup?

Cleaning up adult products is as important as using adult products correctly. Proper use can make you better enjoy pleasure, while correct cleaning can prevent you from getting sick.

Step 1: rinse with clean water: many people clean the aircraft cup by turning it over. This method is wrong. Turning over and cleaning can easily damage the entrance of the aircraft cup and lead to cracking The violent cleaning method shown in the figure below is not advisable!

The correct way is to open the inlet slightly, turn on the faucet, and let the flowing water pour into the inverted mold until the water overflows from the inverted mold, so that the flowing water will automatically wash out the dirt inside.

The second step is to use a special cleaning solution, or a slightly acidic bath milk with little damage to silica gel and TPE materials, and scrub repeatedly.

Step 3: rub the inner wall: rub the inner wall with your fingers, or use a soft brush to clean it. If you feel that there is no sticky feeling of juice, it means that it is almost finished.

Step 4: wipe clean: after washing, put a dry cloth into the inverted mold to wipe it. Do not wipe it with a paper towel, otherwise the paper scraps will easily breed bacteria. (of course, there is also a kind of sanitary cotton on the market that can be directly inserted to absorb moisture)

Step 5: spray talcum powder or special protective powder to prevent oil.

The preservation of the aircraft cup is also very important. It should be dried in the air with the cold air of the hair dryer; Do not dry with hot air or dry in the sun. Store in a dry and cool place. Do not put the aircraft cup in a place with sunshine or overheating.

Post time: 06-15-2022