How to maintain silicone dolls?

Proper cleaning and maintenance: for the cleaning of solid dolls, you must wash them with warm water, and pay attention to the need to use mild detergent (or antibacterial soap). In order to keep all parts of the doll clean and tidy, you can often use soft cleaners, but you must pay attention that the color and softness of the doll’s appearance will not be damaged.

Moderate use: plastic products like solid dolls, in daily use, excessive twisting of joints will damage its body. Therefore, we should be very careful with solid dolls. Don’t try to swing its shape every day, which may cause irreversible damage to dolls to some extent. In addition, do not store the doll in the same space for a long time, which may lead to changes in the material of silicone /tpe or dents and deformation in some parts.

Maintain air pressure: air pressure is not the only process to maintain the vitality of dolls. You need to wait for appropriate air to be dispersed throughout the doll in the same way, which is one of the main problems to prevent the doll from being damaged.

Dust removal of detachable parts: if the doll is wearing a wig, it is recommended to often take off the wig and wash it with shampoo to avoid infection or damage. If necessary, anyone can change the wig once a week to give the doll a striking look and feel. Avoid direct contact with electrical appliances when cleaning: expensive imitation dolls may contain electronic equipment. In this case, it is best to remove the electronic components before using detergent or any other product. If it cannot be taken out, it is recommended to scrub the parts in the correct way instead of directly putting the electronic device into water, otherwise the doll may collapse.

Wipe / rinse with a dry cloth: after cleaning and dedusting the doll with antibacterial detergent or mild detergent, clean the residual detergent with a hot towel or soft towel.

Post time: 06-15-2022